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Visions of Joy - Restore Your Eye Sight Naturally!

$ 49.99

Get rid of your glasses forever. 

Your eyesight is one of the most precious things that gets the most abuses from stress, anxiety, pollution, make-up etc. This workshop is one way to naturally reclaim healthy eyesight. You might even be able to get rid of your glasses without surgery.

In Visions of Joy’s eyesight lessons…

… you will learn how to use your eyes the way nature intended
… you will discover how to improve your visual clarity
… to relax your eyes so that you release headaches in moments
… some key techniques from the Bates Eye Method
… you are very likely to see better during the first lesson!

Walter, who wore glasses since he was 8 years old, reported that after he listened to the program that he no longer wears glasses. 

These techniques are helpful to relax the eyes from stress, strain and staring a screens all day long. One particular technique helps you to sleep better and have deeper REM sleep which helps healing of the body and brain. 

Brain activity calms when using another specific technique shared in this 2 part audio program. 

No age limitations, no matter how bad or good your eyesight is now, take this opportunity to open your eyes to a brighter world. The only prerequisites are an open mind and a sincere desire to see clearly with your own eyes.


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