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Sleep Easily - Ultimate Peace & Relaxation

$ 19.97

Sometimes a good nights rest or a long refreshing power nap is all that's needed. 

Should you be having difficulty sleeping, have insomnia, a spouse that snores and keeps you up, or your life has your mind constantly chattering you'll want this audio program.

This is the most relaxing guided audio program ever, to use while lying down, that will help you overcome insomnia, monkey mind, high heart rate, restlessness, worries at bed-time, and anxiety.

Many times it’s too difficult to get relaxed because of our busy mind. As your mind goes over and over things and your worries become bigger and then you seem to have more worries. Your body and mind need rest so that we can have the life we often don’t allow ourselves to have. Recovery comes about through relaxation and deeper sleep.

Gayle tried everything to sleep. She tried pills, herbals, flower essences, baths, meditation, and yet she found that her sleep was always interrupted or she just couldn't get to sleep. She had a bunch of extra weight and nothing seemed toHer husband was restless and snored and she had a lot of chatter. 

Emma stared at the ceiling, the clock on her nightstand glowing a cruel 3:22 am. It was another night stolen by insomnia. For months, sleep had become a frustrating battle. Tossing and turning, her mind replaying worries like a broken record. Exhausted and desperate, she stumbled upon "SLEEP EASILY - ULTIMATE PEACE & RELAXATION."

Seventeen minutes. That's all it took. Emma settled into her bed, the soothing voice washing over her. Gentle instructions guided her to focus on her breath, releasing tension with each exhale. Images of a calming ocean filled her mind, the rhythm of the waves lulling her deeper. For the first time in months, her racing thoughts began to slow.

One night turned into two, then a week. With each listen, Emma drifted into a deeper, more restful sleep. The 17 minutes became a nightly ritual, a gateway to a world of tranquility. No more waking up at ungodly hours, just a serene slumber that left her feeling energized and focused.

The change was undeniable. Her work presentations sharpened, her relationships blossomed with renewed patience. Emma felt like she'd finally rediscovered herself, the vibrant woman hidden beneath the fog of sleep deprivation. She became a walking advertisement for "SLEEP EASILY." Sharing her story with friends and family, she watched as their sleep struggles melted away too.

Today, Emma sleeps like a dream. But more than that, she sleeps with hope. Hope that the 17 minutes that changed her life can change yours too. "SLEEP EASILY - ULTIMATE PEACE & RELAXATION" isn't just an audio, it's a key to unlocking a world of restful nights and a life revitalized. Don't wait another night. Let sleep be your superpower.

NOTE: Sheevaun wrote a book specifically to help you learn the ritual and processes of sleep that we are never taught. Here's the link: https://shop.sheevaunmoran.com/products/the-secret-energy-of-sleep?_pos=1&_sid=b2a65e565&_ss=r

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