• Pristine Prosperity - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran

Pristine Prosperity

$ 997.00

Pristine Prosperity is a formula Sheevaun Moran uses to bring forth challenging and big ideas. This formula will help you unlock avenues of prosperity that are sitting there and stagnant.

I have not shared this formula before but decided that my community needed something to help them zip through to the other side more quickly AND get results.

The audio is very rich with exact instructions to use the techniques. They are simple so make sure to use them often and with precision.

Perspectives about how to get more of your own prosperity and projects moving ahead with ease and grace are covered. The soul food of these formulas and ideas will nourish your mind, your creativeness, and your manifesting ability. You may be able to overcome challenges that you face, so long as you use them often.

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