• **Clutter No More - Meditative Journey and Transformation - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran
  • **Clutter No More - Meditative Journey and Transformation - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran
  • **Clutter No More - Meditative Journey and Transformation - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran

Clutter No More - Meditative Journey and Transformation Guided Meditation

$ 22.22

Mind clutter leads to phsycial clutter and this habit cycles into all areas of life. 

This audio is only about 17 minutes, yet it's the most profound and powerful mind, energy and reset audio ever. 

If you ever find your mind or emotions spiraling out of control then this is for you! 

The clutter in your life can obscure who you are and what gives your life meaning.

You may have a hard time focusing on the things that bring joy, or even the projects that need to be done to make space for the new.

Your environment bogs you down with memories or feelings of failure or responsibility, but it doesn't have to be this way!

Clutter No More will help clean up any negative energy around money, clearing away old thoughts and bringing in new ones which will help bring wealth into your life. After just one use of our guided meditation audio "Clutter No More," listeners experienced: clear mind, calm, more focus, and positive feelings. 

If you tend to hoard "stuff" and want a simpler solution than an intervention, then this is your answer. 

Maybe your mind is cluttered with too many to-do’s. This audio of seventeen minutes will give you more clarity on priorities.

This is the most transformative guided audio program designed to help you eliminate clutter. Whether mental clutter or physical clutter, it's still cluttered. Clutter keeps you from having more ease and prosperity.

Those who have listened to this audio once say that they have been energized too easily to make changes to lifelong clutter patterns. It’s a journey worth taking to release those old things that you’ve been longing to let go of.

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Testimonials: Lorain used this audio program one evening and naturally began eliminating the "old" things in her life that were keeping her from having more time, energy, and income

Nancy listened to this audio program and got two new clients because she let go of an old way of thinking about how clients needed to come to her. 

Sean used this program to become more centered in his thinking about hiring the right staff. 

Anne used this program to help her clear things from her home and was able to sell her home more quickly


I listen to it in the background when I have more tasks to handle than time AND when I seem to have more piles than space. It is short and sweet and energized to the point that you can listen to and will see the results within minutes.

You will eliminate clutter, have less clutter, declutter, and get organized.

Repeated use will release patterns of over collecting and piling of clutter in your life, whether it’s physical or emotional.

You’ll be able to change lifelong mental clutter and even hoarding and clutter patterns.



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