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Weight Less

$ 19.97

Feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

This is the audio program for you if you feel that.

Balance is something that can be attained with enough consistent thought, action and intention and this audio is unique because it helps you adjust your balance, reset the mind to eat healthy habits. It works on your internal beliefs and more importantly your cellular memory that knows how to get you into balance.  

This internal work gets your body to release beliefs from the unconscious that keep you holding on to weight, the weight of the world and physical issues that keep you from losing weight. Because we all struggle with weight we’ve created this sequence used in this audio program to reset the knobs and levers of your brain so that your body and brain are in harmony and balance.

This audio will help you succeed at permanent change and allow you to utilize it for tune-ups.  

Listening every day to this audio in the morning will help you release patterns, programs, beliefs and bad habits that keep weight on that really needs to be released. 

Release weight through the use of this guided imagery and audio program. This is a downloadable audio program is easy to use.

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