• Re-Write Your Autobiography of Money
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Re-Write Your Autobiography of Money

$ 49.00

Did you ever hear your parents say that money doesn’t grow on trees, we can’t afford it, what do you think – I’m made of money, money is the root of all evil, people who have money have done something bad to get it and many others? These are things that have been passed from generation to generation and they may be holding you back. 

"Kell was a guy whose parents told him he'd never amount to anything. Effectively Kell's parental trauma's were such that he might as well have been locked in a closet and had obscenities yelled at him. He was in heavy debt and at the point where things just couldn't get worse and he'd have to work beyond retirement. You may know how some of this feels.  

He knew that he needed a dramatic change including getting off the medication that made him feel worse. There was no way he could make more money based on his job and through a friends recommendation came to be a client. He found this workbook in my office hidden behind some of our other books and he knew he needed something to take him out of his family's poverty mentality.

Kell started with the exercises immediately and within three weeks his life changed."

Because Kell used this book and had so much success with it I wanted to share it with you. 

If you ever wanted to be prosperous and knew that you had blocks, but couldn’t determine what holds you back or suspected that something in your past was holding you back, this workbook will help you unleash your abundance and give you the ability to re-write your money history right now!!!

It is full of incredibly powerful exercises to clear the obstacles – fast. This allows for the body, brain and energetic system to align and make way for instant prosperity. Hundreds have used these techniques and have gotten new jobs, raises, free vacations and manifested new cars, new houses and new relationships. 

You can change your hereditary poverty into prosperity!


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