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Living Wealthy and Prosperous Guided Meditation to Fix Your Money Mindset and Attract Wealth

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Guided Meditation for Living Wealthy & Prosperous 

Sheevaun Moran has helped thousands of people change the way they think about their money, so you can have a healthy relationship with your savings and income. With her new full-length audio "Living Wealthy & Prosperous Meditation", she will help you make decisions about what to do with your money that bring you joy rather than anxiety. You'll be able to relax in just minutes per day by following this guided program which will take away any pain points and financial worries that are blocking your means to abundance.

So if you are ready to have a whole new relationship with money, abundance, and prosperity...

... and have a new relationship with the economy
...EVEN completely reframe the word “recession”
...then this amazing Healing Body Dialog and Soul Song is here for you.



In need of instant prosperity? Or a fresh new direction to take your prosperity to the next level?

You are about to move into a whole new state of being:

  • Releasing old beliefs
  • Releasing old wounds and hurts

All of which have unconsciously and unknowingly STOPPED your abundance.

This is your opportunity to...

  • CLAIM your abundance NOW
  • RELEASE the old beliefs and patterns of lack that may have shown up from old hurts and traumas
  • Powerfully open you to a WHOLE NEW relationship with your abundance.


You Will Experience...

  • Transformation of your mindset and your life
  • Release from self-imposed obstacles, patterns, and beliefs associated with abundance
  • Help with living, breathing, and speaking with abundance, thus drawing it to your life
  • Some people report a new career with higher pay, a new car, more business, better employees, more money in their bank account, new product ideas and implementation, more positive and forward-thinking, and many other successes.

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