• The Secret Energy of Sleep - Book - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran
  • The Secret Energy of Sleep - Book - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran

The Secret Energy of Sleep - Book

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Mental fog...


Forgetting simple things...

Relationships feeling stressed and causing anxiety...

Unwanted weight that just won’t seem to go away…

These are just some of the symptoms that materialize when people are lacking a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.

If any of those sound familiar then keep reading.

Lack of sleep or even poor sleep, if just a night or two a week, can have a serious impact on health over time.

And there is a unique solution that I’m certain you’ve never thought of…

One without…

… laying awake at night staring at the ceiling. 

One without self-medicating with things like television or even sleeping pills to get the sleep the body craves. It IS possible to sleep better and give the body the rest it needs, as long as the right tools are there for support. 

Because I heard so many clients complain of sleep issues I decided to go deep on what to do about this- besides the usual stuff like medicating or machines. That’s why I wrote about it in The Secret Energy of Sleep…

I want you to achieve amazing sacred sleep on a regular basis. Your life, your relationships, your passions deserve you fully charged. The insight and tips shared in The Secret Energy of Sleep will provide the tools needed to obtain the most energizing sleep ever. 

Within these pages you will learn:

  •  A deeper understanding of sleep and its energy
  •  Actionable steps to take tonight for energizing sleep
  •  Things (some that probably happen every day) that disrupt sleep
  •  Aids (not medication related) to enhance sleep experience

It’s time to honor yourself and practice self-care by using the actionable steps outlined in The Secret Energy of Sleep. Sleep is important, you are important. These tips will further explain how to up-level and support your passions, desires, health, and wellbeing. 

Why need a better night's sleep?

Just by increasing the frequency of getting a good night’s sleep, I’ve seen people report:

  • Improved memory
  • Decreased inflammation
  • A spark of your creativity 
  • Healthy weight 
  • Fewer accidents
  • Increased mood
  • So much more. 

Ready to sleep much more deeply?

The sleep the body craves and deserves is just a download away in your digital copy of, The Secret Energy of Sleep by Sheevaun Moran.

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