• Passion Finder - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran
  • Passion Finder - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran

Passion Finder

$ 19.97

Reigniting or discovering your passion for a circumstance, opportunity or even idea is the core of making your mark.

A trip into nature is like a reset for your brain and body and passion. All those electronics that you surround yourself with create a field of electric toxicity and natural environments are known to calm the mind and fight or flight mechanisms.

If you love the woods and want to reclaim some of nature in your daily life this audio journey takes you through.  

When you reclaim and recover and reclaim old dreams or ideas you are more creative, powerful, confident and at ease.

This guided audio helps you access your mind and body innate healing abilities. A truly magical journey through the woods reconnects you to nature's wisdom.

Here you can allow yourself the freedom to let go of difficulty in your life. Delight in the woods and the ease with which you change your attitudes.  

One new idea could be the one thing that you need to have more freedom, clarity, income, health or love. Let this audio program help you get back to center and alignment. 


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