From Congestion & Clutter to Prosperity & Wellness

Posted on 10 March 2015

Each and every day as we walk by a pile of clothes, newspapers, shoes, nicknacks, etc. we seem to give no thought to how their presence affects us. Living on the East Coast forces us to at least clean out our closets two times per year because of the change of seasons. Yet living here in beautiful Southern California more easily allows us to collect old, worn out, unnecessary things. We put these things in our garages or attics because we don’t have basements. As those spaces fill up we start just putting them where we can fit them, inside our bedrooms or closets and before you know it the piles have taken over our living space.

We pretend not to notice how we move around our things. We no longer notice that we bump into or walk around furniture as we add more pieces to our collections. Then one day you want to make a change but you don’t know where to start. Friends and family make suggestions but the task is just too daunting. So you just leave it.

Recently I worked with a woman who you would think had the world by the horns. She’s happy, outgoing, friendly, beautiful, intelligent, and funny. When I got to her home it was another story. It was a small bungalow style home with every nook and cranny, drawer, shelf, and surface filled to capacity. There were books, papers, clothes, piles of newspapers, etc. This woman, I’ll call her Betsy, had difficulty getting rid of things. Betsy’s objective for our Feng Shui consultation was to have a loving relationship and more prosperity. She had been single for a long time and was ready to bring the right relationship into her life, but she had filled every ounce of space of her life and was thus cutting off her flow of the prospect of allowing anyone into her life. Betsy’s guest room (filled beyond capacity) was closed off as it’s used specifically for her indoor cats. This room happens to be her prosperity center and this was cutting off her flow of prosperity.

We spent a good deal of time addressing the issues and establishing a plan for the proper colors and flow of energy for both a relationship and more prosperity. I gently went through the house and we began removing things that she admitted she had never liked anyway. The first week she reported she had accumulated 6 bags of clothes from only 2 dressers and has seen improved prosperity flow.

By filling our every space with stuff, we allow congestion. Any lack of movement or flow permits stagnant old energy to permeate every aspect of our lives. Whether we are working harder for prosperity, improved relationships, or good health congestion prohibits the good from easily entering our lives. If you filled a glass with water there is no way to put more water in the glass until there is more space. The same principle applies to our lives. Clearing clutter and congestion is like being able to breath for the first time after we’ve had a cold, so refreshing so healthy.

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