BREATHING – the right way

Posted on 10 March 2015

Its been three days now, how did your homework assignment, with breathing and paying attention to your breath, go? Where you able to concentrate on your breathing when life dished out an interesting curve and stress tried to creep in?

What did it feel like to take charge of your life instead of get sucked in?

Did you remember to breathe? If not, that's okay, you can do it next time!

As long as you try you can never fail! Keep at it and you will be amazed that before
you know
it, it will be second nature to you to concentrate on your breath when
life gets less then
amazing. And the results will surprise you every time!

Today’s goodie comes in a form of a video. This video is of Sheevaun teaching one of her world renowned classes.

This 15 min clip is for you.


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