The Dalai Lama's 3 Main Commitments - What We Can Learn

Posted on 30 June 2016

His Holiness has committed himself to three main things in life. These three commitments are noble and humble in nature, and teach us the importance of having such commitments ourselves. The three commitments are:

1. The Promotion of Religious Harmony

There is no doubt that the world has become an angry and hateful place, and much of this anger and hate is between the world’s different religions. The Dalai Lama seeks to promote harmony between different religions throughout the globe, and believes that the “true” religion is only relevant on an individual level.

How are you working to obtain harmony between those who are different?

2. Preservation of Buddhist Culture

The Dalai Lama is a devout Buddhist. His Holiness has committed to the preservation and promotion of Buddhist values – the two most important of these values being peace and non-violence.

What part of your culture/values do you think deserve preservation?

3. The Promotion of Certain Human Values

The first commitment of the Dalai Lama is the promotion of certain human values, including:

  • Compassion;
  • Self-discipline;
  • Forgiveness;
  • Contentment; and
  • Tolerance.

If you were to promote certain human values, which ones would you choose?


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