Meditation Myths!

Posted on 10 March 2015

Most people avoid meditation and yet they are actually doing some form of meditation every single day. Yep, that’s right you are likely meditating on something and likely right now.

You say, Nah I’m reading this blog. In fact you are likely meditating on the fact that you “should” be doing something else. You may be meditating on the fact that your check book is needs balancing or you “need” to finish… well you fill in the blank.

**You have to give your beliefs up and give over to something strange: The thing is that meditation is not such a foreign concept or action. It has been portrayed in the movies and media as a giving over of control.

If you choose to give over control that must be a choice, your choice and so don’t blame meditation.


**It’s going to take too long to get good at meditation AND it takes too much time out of my day: This is not true that it takes years to master meditation. The only time you need is TWO minutes and just like my book states you can learn to meditate in two minutes and you can get great benefit from meditating for only TWO minutes.

**I have to have a quiet mind in order to meditate: Well this is absolutely impossible. The only time you’re going to have a quiet mind is when you are no longer in your body. Your mind is not meant to be quiet however, it is meant to be harnessed. The mind is meant to be overcome and to be mastered and as soon as you let go of the need to have quiet is the sooner you will achieve a more peaceful mind. The monkey mind is the gift of the human race and our will and learned behaviors are the most valuable things we have to overcome and master in each lifetime.

**Meditating is only for those who are into weird religions: If you’ve ever asked intensely for something good to happen to you you’re meditating. Meditation is prolonged concentration on one particular subject. More often than not we are skipping and sliding between hundreds of thoughts and not prolonging our thoughts on something positive or productive.

I’ve written a book on meditation because I was so frustrated at not having a quiet mind when everyone “said” that’s meditation only to discover that there’s a simpler less quiet way to successfully meditate.

For more on meditation myths and how to overcome them get the hard copy of our book: Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes – for the Lazy, Crazy and Time Deficient

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