• The Secret Energy of Sleep
  • The Secret Energy of Sleep

The Secret Energy of Sleep

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How about a little cranky?

Maybe you’re walking around in a fog? 

Have you been in an accident lately? 

Do you forget things easily?

Are your relationships stressed and anxious? 

Have you gained weight and can just can’t seem to get it off?

If you answered Yes or Maybe to any of these questions, it’s possible that you are suffering from lack of sleep. 

Lack of sleep or even poor sleep, if just a night or two a week, can seriously impact your health. Did you know that you are putting your health and wellness at risk every time you don’t engage in a great nights sleep?

You may be at risk with serious health issues from lack of sleep?

When you don’t get enough sleep you put yourself at risk of:

  • Weight gain 
  • Brain fog
  • Heart issues
  • Relationship discourse 
  • Anxiety 
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased risk of diabetes 
  • Job dysfunction or dissatisfaction
  • Just to name a few….

And there is a unique solution that I’m certain you’ve never thought of…

Where you…

… don’t have to lay awake at night staring at the ceiling anymore. 

You don’t have to try and self-medicate with things like television or even sleeping pills to get the sleep your body craves. You can sleep better starting tonight, you just need the right tools to support you and your body. 

Because I heard so many clients complain of sleep issues I went deep on what to do about this that wasn’t the usual stuff of medicating or machines. That’s why I wrote about it in The Secret Energy of Sleep…

I want you to achieve amazing sacred sleep on a regular basis. Your life, your relationships, your passions deserve you fully charged. The insight and tips shared in The Secret Energy of Sleep will give you the tools needed to obtain the most energizing sleep ever. 

Within these pages you will learn:

  • A deeper understanding of sleep and its energy
  • Actionable steps you can take tonight for energizing sleep
  • Things (some you’re probably doing every day) that disrupt sleep
  • Aids (not medication related) to enhance your sleep experience 

It’s time to honor yourself and practice self-care by using the actionable steps outlined for you in The Secret Energy of Sleep. Sleep is important, you are important. The tools you learn will further up-level you to support your passions, desires, health, and wellbeing. 

Why do you need a better nights sleep?

When you get consistent great nights sleep you can expect:

  • Improved memory
  • Decreased inflammation
  • A spark of your creativity 
  • Healthy weight 
  • Fewer accidents
  • Increased mood
  • So much more. 

You’ll sleep much more deeply than you have in a long while…I promise!

The sleep your body craves and deserves is just a download away in your digital copy of, The Secret Energy of Sleep by Sheevaun Moran.


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