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The Secret Energy of Sex

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Everyone wants more sex and in today’s confusing society men and women leaders are more confused and frustrated than ever.

I've written this because both women and men who are high achievers have and continue to have issues around wanting sex, pornography, addiction to too many partners and all things related to sex that are interfering with their lives. 

Maybe you can relate:

  • Does this sex drive mean I can have sex with anyone and not have consequences
  • I’m too into porn and cannot make sense of it
  • Every time I travel I am ready to have a fling with nearly everyone
  • I keep putting myself out there and getting rejected and it’s interfering with my sales
  • My spouse and I never seem to have sex anymore
  • Why does my company success seem to be tied to my sex life

Well, all of these are valid and I give you tools and techniques and real ancient principles to achieve harmony in mind and body.

There are real issues that get involved when we deal with sex, sex energy and a lack of it and these are intertwined with successes.

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