• The Secret Energy of Health - Book

The Secret Energy of Health - Book

$ 9.99

There are many undiscovered secrets to health and even more around longevity. With the teachings in this book, you will attain knowledge, understanding and most important tools to have a more vital and healthy condition.

You will uncover energetic color schematics that are pertinent to your health. You will find resources within yourself that you never knew existed and how to access these simply and effectively.

Your health and vitality will become a beacon for you and you will find that you release bouts of sickness, be more resilient, have more energy and time.

So if you've done energy work before or are just diving into energy work then you will want this by your side. If you have a desire for more rest, more flexibility and fluidity in your body and brain then this is a deeper knowledge base. If all you want is that "youthful" glow then you will most certainly want this book.

To have your health is to have wealth and to have health without drugs is the health paradigm of the future.

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