• Soothing Spray 4oz - In-Person Purchase

Soothing Spray 4oz - In-Person Purchase

$ 42.00

Germs (physical and energetic ones) are seasoned travelers, just like you. So as the world starts to open up again, we want to make sure you're safe and are ready to get your life on track! 

Our Soothing Spray is strong enough to keep your environment safe and clean wherever you are. The formula has been revered by energy healers, highly sensitive folks, people who want something that cleans up the energetics, negativity in the aura and chakras, surfaces, and circumstances that cause stress and places a protective energy shield around you. Soothing Spray is made from the highest quality and purest of ingredients with its beautiful fragrance (light enough for even the most sensitive souls), Remember, Soothing Spray is a powerful disinfectant for hands and more. Available in a travel-friendly 4oz bottle, it is easy and safe to use anywhere from restaurant menus to tray tables.

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