• Relationship Recovery - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran

Relationship Healing & Recovery

$ 19.97

Do you miss the spark of the early love connection in your relationship? Do you want more sizzle in your marriage? Did that spark go away?

Every relationship needs refreshing and healing to overcome and release those tendencies that have us looking for greener grass. Each day we are filled with tiny disappointments that build up and create toxicity in our relationships. Over time that build up costs us a lot of disappointment, anger, resentment and inability to forgive. Everyone wants a solution and often those solutions are just not workable. Many times the only solution is therapy or even splitting up. 

This is a guided transformation technique that helps you have a more loving relationship with your partner/spouse and yourself.

It has helped hundreds of couples on the brink of divorce/separation back into love and a healthy relationship.

What this recording does is remove the old mud from the relationship and give you back space so that it can heal. This is such a simple technique and yet never shared with the world in this format before. This recording gives you and your partner, fiance, significant other, even parent or child the freedom to love and be joyful selves. You gain freedom from that old baggage and with repeated use that old baggage disappears. You will have greater peace, balance, respect, communication, sex and ultimately you’ll be able to have much more happiness.

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