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ReWrite Your Prosperity Package

$ 189.00 $ 289.00

In this package you will clear up old patterns and beliefs that are holding you back from creating the abundance and prosperity that you deserve! Join hundreds of clients that have seen the results by taking advantage of this Prosperity Flowing package.

* You seem to be repeating habits around money.
* You desire to create a legacy of prosperity that you never need worry about again.
* You find similarities between how you handle money and your family does and you don't want a repeat performance.
* You're ready to see significant increase in all areas of your life of abundance.
* You need some techniques that are not the same old thing that really work to jump start your financial success, fast!

The package includes:

Rewrite Your Autobiography of Money WorkBook
Living Wealthy and Prosperous audio
Prosperity Consciousness Teleseminar 

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