• Prosperity Consciousness Teleseminar

Prosperity Consciousness Teleseminar

$ 159.00

You’ve taken every other class about manifesting more money in your life. You’ve read numerous books. You’ve tried techniques after many classes..

NOW, gain techniques that you will use the rest of your life.

This course will change:

  • your attitude about money and wealth
  • internal dialogue that keep in chaos around your prosperity
  • any negative energy in your life about money, wealth, & success
  • negative programs regarding money
  • negative beliefs that came because of your family or ancestors
  • outdated spiritual beliefs associated with money
  • decrees you’ve made, keeping you in poverty consciousness

The techniques taught will disintegrate old patterns that you may not even know you have which could be keeping you from your deserved prosperity. You will achieve easier peace with money and spirituality that will ignite your prosperity and increase the money in your life.

You will learn simple yet incredibly effective techniques that will immediately improve your finances. These techniques are not taught anywhere else and cannot be found in books. Join us for a fun and prosperity.

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