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Manifesting Book - Shotgun Shopping

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So you don’t have a lot of money and yet still want and deserve a wonderful life and beautiful things? Law of Attraction only worked for a short time or not at all?

Well so did I and I had to learn how to do this, often without much more than a few dollars in my bank account. I got many thousands of dollars worth of clothes, shoes, business services, a piano, a house and so many other things through what I share with you in this book.

Here’s an audio file of an interview where I go into a lot of detail about how to get what you want without much money and how to get your mate to get you what you want. http://bit.ly/bNwYko

Manifesting is easy if you have the exact steps, in full detail, and ..

the courage to take action and follow them. Without manifesting the right things you end up with a misfiring. Get what you want at the price you want without compromise. So you’ve always wanted more and you’re not willing to settle for anything other than exactly what you want. This book is written just for you. The metaphor of shopping is used because we shop for things every day – parking place, new jobs, new apartments, new clothes and on and on. These techniques WORK each and every time so that you get what you want. I’m going to…place my guarantee on it and if in 60 days you don’t see results then return it and we’ll return your purchase price, no questions. Why not learn principles and tool and techniques that really work. the book Shotgun Shopping is filled with a treasure trove of techniques that when used will actually happen to manifest exactly what you want. You’ll even have even more money in your bank account. Shotgun Shopping book has been seen in the hands of Jennifer Garner, Debra Messing, Sarah Michele Geller, Valerie Waters, Oxana Bayul – Skater.

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