• Calm Kids - Meditation
  • Calm Kids - Meditation
  • Calm Kids - Meditation
  • Calm Kids - Meditation

Calm Kids - Meditation

$ 12.97

Do you want your child to feel happier, more free and more clear? 

Are you in need of having some time where you child has down time?

Children don't just automatically release their stress. They learn from you how to keep, hold and disseminate stress and worry out into their world. 

All any child wants is to feel happy, free and able. 

This download is created just for children who are acting out, unusually stressed or worried, are more sensitive than others, cannot seem to let go of things that happen or are demanding. 

This kids meditation CD is designed for kids who don’t know why they have so much frustration and anger and have no real mechanism to let it go. Moms and kids using this meditation CD together become more peaceful and happier. Kids seem to know when they need to use the meditation and relaxation CD and take it upon themselves to ask to use it or just put in on their iPod.

The techniques in this meditation CD for kids are simple and about breath and allowing children to get into a habit of not holding on to issues that arise during the day.

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