• Epic Life Success Summit 2023

Epic Life Success Summit 2023

$ 697.00

Join us for our 3-Day Annual Epic Life Success Summit 2023: Master the Keys to Dynamic Success

Happening October 20-October 22, 2023 in Huntington Beach CA. 

Can't attend live? Don't worry - we will be live streaming the event! But in-person is always more transformative so we hope to see you in person! 

This is for you if:

* Your soul isn't yet fully in line with your business or income...
* Your heart is in your business but there's something amiss...
* You keep finding yourself creating from bright shiny...
* Never do the slide back again...
* Your prosperity around health, income, business, or just manifesting is out of whack
* Your mental chatter has gotten funky around your business
* Sales is slipping
* You have the tools but not the structure to implement
* You want to align your head and heart and business
* You're done with the rah-rah and want the real teachings
* You know that you're on the precipice of greatness and need a bit of an energetic boost that is custom to you
* Your energy is not communicating your authentic self so that you achieve the success you need

Achieving the Peak is:

Alignment. Mission. Money. Success. 
Strategies. Marketing. Sales. Lifestyle.

This Epic Life event is THE premier event of the year for highly driven entrepreneurs, small business owners, and experts who are ready to integrate their drive, heart, mission and ideas to build a FEARLESS 6-7 Figure System. Within the three days you will be guided through a real LIFE CHANGE and energetic ALIGNMENT! 

This shift can only occur when you're led expertly through the place where you're currently stuck so that you ARRIVE Ready and In Action. You'll Create a REAL Business, Integrate Health Shifts that have been eluding you, Align Your Money and Mission where Your Heart is, and Experience Ease with Every Step Afterward. It Will Be A REAL Life YOU are proud of. Get Ready to Be TRANSFORMED and to build long term relationships, and to grow and prosper.

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