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Dancing with The Divine eBook

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"We’re part of the Divine that Activates the Divine in Others"

We’re part of the Divine that Activates the Divine in OthersOne day a client came to me talking about angels and someone who was teaching about angels and yet my clients' life wasn't better. She went into the class being told that the angels were her answer to all things. 

I felt frustrated for her knowing that there's a bigger piece to the puzzle of the invisible realm. I knew that there were aspects of our lives that we do need to connect with the Higher Realm and that it needed to be more of a collaboration. 

As I sat down to write about one of these aspects what began to occur were others began showing themselves and how they can help each person in their day in and day out life. That's when I wrote for a week straight and each of these aspects became apparent and how to interact with them and how they are already working in our lives without our knowledge. 

Beyond the Realm of angels and archangels exists a group of helpers and guides that emanate directly from Source. They are part of what we have access to but know little about. This is a blueprint and guide book about aspects of the divine that are available to help, heal, ease pain and suffering. These aspects revealed themselves not as an angel but as aspects of the higher divine self and that gives us the ability to have more creativity, innovation, and joy in every facet of life.

Enjoy the book, the aspects and interacting with these beautiful energies that will help you find your way in a busy, crowded, chaotic, and noisy world. 

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