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Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Package

$ 47.00

The “Recovery Package” Includes:



1. Everything from the “Basics Package”

2. Adrenal Fatigue Coach Diet Plan

3. Adrenal Fatigue Coach 14 Day Mealplanner

4. Adrenal Fatigue Coach Shopping List





On top of the “Basics Package” you will receive a recipe e-Book specifically for you if you suffer from Adrenal Fatigue. The recipes in our Adrenal Fatigue  Coach Diet Plan are highly effective at helping to restore hormonal balance, reducing adrenal stress and promoting energy production. This recipe book contains more than a hundred straightforward, nutrient-dense, and tasty recipes. It also contains specific dietary guidelines and many other dietary tips for healthy adrenal glands and a healthy body. You will furthermore receive a 14 Day Mealplanner with additional recipes and a shopping list. Now you know exactly how and what to eat!


A Sneak Peak of What You Will Find Inside:


You Will Receive

  • Dietary Guidelines Specifically For Recovering From Adrenal Fatigue
  • A Handy List Of Popular And Widely Available Healthy Foods
  • Why Fats Are Actually Good For You
  • Why You Should Be Wary Of Commercially Produced Dairy
  • The Dangers Of Soy
  • The (Sneaky) Psychology Of Supermarkets
  • 24 Breakfast Recipes
  • 23 Lunch Recipes
  • 22 Snack Ideas
  • 17 Dinner recipes
  • 15 Dessert Recipes
  • 14 Day Mealplanner
  • + Shopping List That Goes With The Mealplanner

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