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Adrenal Fatigue Basic Package

$ 17.00


1. Digital Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Book
2. Adrenal Health Inventory List



A Sneak Peak of What You Will Learn:


You Will Learn

    • An Explanation Of Adrenal Fatigue, A Brief History, Its Cause And Symptoms
    • The Importance Of The Fight-or-Flight Response And The Relaxation Response
    • Why Cortisol Is Not A Bad Hormone
    • 5 Ways to Keep Your Adrenal Glands Healthy
    • A Review Of The Adrenal Glands, HPA Axis And Main Organs Involved
    • An Overview Of Conventional Tests, Alternative Tests, Complementary Tests And Self Screening Tests
    • The 4 Main Stages Of Adrenal Fatigue With A Description Of The Development And Progression Of The Common Signs And Symptoms
    • Aspects You Should Not Miss In Your Treatment Plan For Adrenal Fatigue
    • 4 Strategic Ways to Cope With Stress Plus 5 Key Areas Where You Can Make Quick Wins To Reduce Your Stress Levels
    • 6 Dietary Tips Specifically For Recovering From Adrenal Fatigue.
    • How Something That Is Often Overlooked May Gradually Wear Your Body Down And How To Deal With It
    • The Key Nutritional Supplements And Effective Herbal Therapies For Your Adrenal Glands
    • Bio-identical Hormones, 5 Important Aspects Of Hormone Replacement Therapy And A List Of Relevant Hormones
    • The Significance Of Your Beliefs, Values And Setting Goals In The Healing Process
    • Multiple Exercises To Help You Apply The Information From This Workbook While Learning More About Yourself
    • 5 Tips To Find A High-Quality Healthcare Provider
    • A Step-by-Step Approach That You Can Follow To Heal From Adrenal Fatigue
    • And MUCH, much more


Also, make the most out of your visit to your doctor or healthcare professional with the Adrenal Health Inventory List. This list is designed to help you prepare for when you visit your doctor or healthcare professional. It gives you clues to discuss during your visit so that you won’t forget important points.


Plus, once you have completed the adrenal health inventory list you can put today’s date on it and let this list of “symptoms” serve as your baseline. During your recovery, you can go back to this questionnaire and document changes. Note the changes. You will see a difference! Often times improvements happen so gradually that you are not sure about the progress. But when you compare to your baseline, it is all there in black and white. You can’t deny the results.

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