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  • Healthy Self Esteem - Violet Waterfall

Healthy Self Esteem - Violet Waterfall

$ 19.97

Get into a higher frequency with this guided meditative audio with voice and music. You will feel lighter and more joyful.

Science has proven that a particular frequency of light and energy at intervals helps the body and organs restore and eliminate the toxins from daily living. Emotional toxins that build up in the body create friction which in turn create emotional upheaval. 

Water is known to be have healing properties and waterfalls, in particular, are helpful to release old, blocked or stuck feelings.

This audio program addresses those unconscious blocks and limitations allowing for more freedom, confidence, clarity, and ease. 

Obstacles that were once holding you back in your work, career, relationships, money etc can melt away with this audio program. The real issues are dislodged and gently eliminated so that it's as if the blocks are completely dissolved without effort or hard work. 

If you like the ideal of angels helping you then this audio is your tool to having more ease, happiness and joy. 

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