• * Soothing Spray 4oz - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran
  • * Soothing Spray 4oz - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran

* Soothing Spray 4oz

$ 42.00

Imagine having the ability to spray away stress and anxiety. 


It’s likely you’ve said you wanted to spray your stress and worries away. I’ve wanted to spray away the energy of frustration or argument and now I use this. This spray is a combination of organic essential oils, certain prayers and highly charged water to bring about instant results of inner calm and peace. If you want instant relief and the feeling you get when you’ve just had a massage this is the solution.

This is for you if you are sensitive to energy, don't like heavy fragrance and only want the highest-grade organic ingredients that will make your life feel happier and less stressful. this is for you if:
* you are sensitive to energies of others
* you are worried often
* you have to interact with a lot of folks and want to remain calm cool and on point
* you want more focus because you have a lot of mental work
* don't like the toxic hand sanitizers
* are familiar with the benefits of oils and are ready for a higher frequency oil that are direct from the growers and of the high-end fragrance with the benefit of being held and prayed over for even more overall energy and wellbeing. 

One spray and it's as if you feel lighter, brighter and happier. 

Kids often say that it's "mommy's happy spray". 

In one spray your shoulders will relax and your mind will become clear. We guarantee it.

Sooth stress, anxiety, negative …environments, worry, cranky children in one spray. Realtors use it to clear the space of a property, moms and dads use it on the plane with their kids, teachers use it to clear away frenetic energy in the classroom, business people use it to clear their head.

For many years clients asked me to bottle the spray I had been using for session work and now it’s available to you in two sizes.

Clients have reported using it:
* when stressed at work
* when their kids are freaking out
* when they have sadness about something
* after an intense discussion or argument
* to clear a room from old energies
* when they have a massage, chiropractic session
* when they are feeling anxious
* to alleviate the frustrations that help you spiral downward,
and many other life situations.between meetings or sales calls. A proprietary blend of organic, sacred essential oils to soothe and relieve stress, anxiety, worry, fear and clear the energy body. The results can be felt instantly.
Stress costs you health and money and to eliminate it fast is why we designed this product. It’s called Soothing Spray because it does just that, soothes, relieves, relaxes and eliminates stress in one spray. We guarantee it. That’s right, we guarantee that you’ll feel better using this spray and all you need to do is return the unused portion and we’ll refund your money.

It is a blend of organic essences that clears the air of stress energy, fear energy, worries, anger and anything that is negative. It uplifts in a moment and leaves a much more peaceful room and feeling inside.
Realtors use it when they are doing open houses to clear the energy of the homeowners stress, therapists use it between sessions, massage therapists use it to clear the stress of their clients, moms use it to relieve stress energy from kids coming back from school, telemarketers use it to handle the negative energy they get from so many no’s and many others who interact with people a lot along with anyone who gets stressed easily.

Want to spray away your stress, worries, anxiety? I’ve used this powerful spray for cleansing, balancing and energizing with clients for over 15 years.

In just one spray your whole life will feel better, more calm and happier. We stand behind our words and want you to have some peace and peace of mind. Just click below and fill in the form to have a bottle of Soothing Spray sent to your door and start spraying your life into happiness.

Use as directed, spray on hands, body or pillow before going to bed for a more restful nights sleep. Works to clear and protect the body’s Energetics and feel refreshed and ready to handle anything.

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