• Vital Earth Minerals - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran
  • Vital Earth Minerals - Energetic Solutions, Inc Sheevaun Moran

Vital Earth Minerals

$ 42.00

32 oz. Liquid - 30 Day Supply

  • 100% Fulvic/Humic in solution - and nothing else!

  • Alkaline pH of between 7.0 and 7.8

  • Clear golden color; tasteless

  • Approx. 68 to 74 natural, organic plant derived, ionic liquid minerals from a fresh water source

  • Re-balance, detoxify, and energize your body at the cellular level

Overview: Why Fulvic is such a powerful substance

Whole food, organic, plant based Fulvic minerals gently extracted from rich organic Humic deposits. Minimally processed without heat, pressure extrusion, or chemicals of any kind. Daily intake will give you more energy.

The power of Fulvic Mineral Complex lies in the reactions it enables within the body. Fulvic Mineral Complex does its work inside the cells. Fulvic is nature's way of energizing and balancing all systems of the body. It interacts with the nutrients in food, and all substances within the body, both good and bad; enhancing the good and eliminating the bad. 

Fulvic spreads through the system correcting imbalances, restoring proper function of vital processes, and recharging electrical potential of cells. As these corrections are happening immune system function is elevated, and the body metabolizes nutrients more effectively to facilitate healing and rejuvenation of cells. Fulvic makes every system of the body work better through its interactions and reactions with other substances. 

Fulvic - The perfect transporter of nutrients

Since Fulvic easily passes through cell membranes, it transports 60x its own weight in nutrients right into the cells. Fulvic enables the reactions needed for nutrients to be properly used by the body. 

When fulvic is present in the body, it dissolves nutrients (from both food and dietary supplements) into the simplest ionic form, ready to be utilized by the body. Fulvic essentially prepares nutrients to inter-react with each other and extends the time those same nutrients are available to the cells. Since fulvic easily passes through cell membranes, it transports the nutrients it has dissolved into its fulvic structure, right into the cells. 

Minerals provide the catalyst for absorption and utilization of nutrients. With its high fulvic concentration, this product has the potential to energize cells, detoxify heavy metals, increase the absorption of oxygen, change the metabolism of carbohydrates, and escort free-radicals from the body. 

Fulvic: A natural, organic electrolyte

Fulvic is nature’s way of re-balancing and energizing the body. Fulvic bonds to and strengthens all biological properties it comes in contact with. Fulvic can change, alter, or combine with both organic and inorganic matter to correct and enhance the biological performance of cells. What this means is that fulvic electrolytes are literally capable of restoring life to damaged cells. 

Progressive stress, illness, infections, bad diet, and loss of sleep all contribute to diminished cell energy. Left uncorrected cells eventually mutate or die causing gradual failure of organs, lowered immune function, loss of energy, and more. 

Experiments have shown ruptured and disintegrated cells that naturally reconstructed and were brought back to life when fulvic electrolytes were reintroduced. This means fulvic has the potential to rejuvenate not only cells, but organs, and all the systems of the body. 

Fulvic Mineral Complex is NOT a Colloidal

Colloidals are solid particles that are simply being held in suspension in a liquid; they are too large to be easily used by cells and offer little health benefit. The ionic particles of fulvic are “dissolved”, and are so small they are not measurable in liquid form, which means they are able to pass right through cell membranes into the cells where they’re needed. Ionic minerals offer incredible benefits, but the benefits of colloidal minerals are marginal at best. There are no colloidal minerals in Fulvic Mineral Complex. 

How does it taste?

All natural, mild taste; no sweeteners or flavoring needed. Naturally processed without heat, pressure extrusion, or chemicals of any kind. Many customers are surprised that Fulvic Mineral Complex has virtually no taste. This is because we don't use vile tasting chemicals during our extraction. When you eat fruit and vegetables (the same minerals you're getting in Fulvic Mineral Complex) there is no bitter, terrible taste . 

Any mineral product that has a strong repugnant taste has undoubtedly been processed with chemicals and you are tasting this residue. We are opposed to consuming chemical residues and any process that would damage the fulvic and humic. We absolutely never use this type of harsh processing. 

Fresh water, organic Humic source material (100% from plants)

Our Fulvic is gently extracted from a rich, organic fresh water Humic source located high in the mountains of New Mexico. It is isolated and untainted by modern pollution. Fulvic is a natural component within Humic minerals; all Humic substances contain approximately 3% to 7% Fulvic. 

Minerals in exactly the right form

Because the minerals in Fulvic Mineral Complex come from plants, they are immediately recognized by the body, and triggering proper metabolic responses that allow them to be utilized exactly where they’re needed for energy, healing, proper organ and hormone function, and more. Fulvic minerals never build up in the tissue like metallic or clay based minerals can. “Organic, plant based” means there are no metallic or clay based minerals in our product. 

Vital Earth’s fulvic is from a fresh water source. Fresh water fulvic deposits have the lowest molecular weight, and are much more bio-available. The fulvic nutrients are easily absorbed by cells because of their small size, as opposed to salt water minerals, which have minimal bio-availability. 

Weight loss

Although we don’t advertise it as a weight loss product, a great side benefit is that many people report losing excess weight after starting to take Fulvic. 

Body weight balances naturally because fulvic helps correct chemical and hormonal fluctuations, assists the proper metabolism of food, and diminishes mineral deficiency cravings. 

When these changes occur, blood sugar levels are balanced, and food is used for energy instead of stored as fat. Hunger is decreased along with cravings for high calorie starches and sweets. 

Can you get too many minerals?

Many people wonder if they will be taking “too many minerals” if they are consuming other products that also contain minerals…such as a calcium supplement. The answer to this question is, no. The reason is fulvic minerals are in an organic form, not metallic or clay, and therefore do not remain in the tissues – they are fully utilized by the body. When you take minerals that come from plants there is never any danger of toxic buildup. Plants have converted the mineral into a form that is safe and fully usable by the body. 

You never hear about people getting mineral toxicity from fruits and vegetables, (the form provided by Fulvic Mineral Complex) even though they all contain a wide variety of minerals that are erroneously thought to be dangerous. 

Vital Earth's plant sourced minerals are non-toxic because they are unable to be stored in tissues. Being organic, they are fully utilized by the body, not rejected (and therefore stored in fatty tissue as a toxin) the way an elemental metallic mineral is. 

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